October 04, 2003 Natchez Trace

The Nachez Trace Parkway was wonderful. It even had free campgrounds to stay in along the way. We stayed one night on the Trace--not too often that we get free camping. We got off the Trace onto Hwy 64 in Tennesee--another scenic route but this one must be shared with truckers. Boo! Tennessee and Mississippi are both beautiful states. We have been traveling along the Ocoee River for a while now. Lots of rafters and kayakers. Evidently the kayaking part of the 1996 summer Olympics held in Atlanta was done here. They redesigned the river between two dams for the course! That part of the river is very low at the moment and we could see how they had piled rocks, etc., to change the course.

The weather continues to get cooler. Last night it got down to 41 and is barely over 60 today. We have finally gotten the long pants out--no more shorts. :-)

Because of going to Kitty Hawk, we will not be traveling on the Blue Ridge Parkway--another time, I guess. We may go straight up the coast from Kitty Hawk to Connecticut.

I miss everyone. Thanks for writing.

Love to all,
Margie & Riley

P.S. from Riley: The last 10+ miles of the road were pretty hairy--very narrow winding road with no shoulder and lots of oncoming traffic. I scrapped the right rear wheel on something and damaged the new hubcap that I'd gotten just a week ago. Oh well, at least it didn't come off this time. We don't have Sprint PCS network service here in the National Forest, and so won't be able to send this tonight. [Well, it took us two nights to get to Sprint PCS network service, but we have it now in Nags Head, NC, on the Outer Banks--about 50 miles north of where Hurricane Isabel came ashore a couple weeks ago. Tomorrow we will tour the Wright Brothers' National Memorial, etc., before heading north off the Outer Banks into Virginia, possibly aiming for D.C.]

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