October 11, 2003 Kitty Hawk

We enjoyed Kitty Hawk very much. While I am not as much of a flying aficianado as Riley, I still found the history very fascinating. These barrier islands of North Carolina's Outer Banks are completely built up now. Looking at the pictures of the way it looked when the Wright brothers were there, it was easy to believe that they would neither recognize the area nor choose it for flight experiments as it stands today. We saw a lot of storm damage from Isabel but most was already cleaned up. We had a bit of difficulty finding places to stay in Eastern North Carolina--not RV friendly. :-) The western part of the state was as beautiful as Miss. & Tenn., and had lots of campgrounds, but I was not as impressed with the Eastern half.

Even less RV friendly was Washington DC. We drove thru and waved at the capital building and kept going--no parking!

Shannon was not ready to receive us over the weekend so we headed north thru Pennsylvania and upstate New York to Niagara Falls. North of Harrisburg, we traveled along the scenic Susquehanna River and into some rolling hills where we saw our first signs of Fall: beautiful trees just beginning to change colors. We stayed at a delightful RV park, Tanglewood Camping: a very beautiful area with a small lake. Upstate NY also has many colorful trees and we are enjoying the drive thru it.

Niagara Falls was truly spectacular, as I am sure you all know. We did a lot of walking around the park, but did not take the boat ride--maybe another time. It is sort of strange that the falls face Canada as the river bends after going over the falls and heads East. So, I guess Canadians do get the best view as they can look straight at the Falls, but then again, they are across the river and the Falls create an awful lot of mist that obscures the bottom of the Falls. Probably the best view is from the tourist boats.

On leaving Niagara we went up the shoreline of Lake Ontario and camped at Four Mile Creek State Park, which looks like someone's well-groomed yard: lots of grass and trees, beautifully landscaped and right on the Lake. Fog obscured our view of the Lake: don't know if we saw even halfway across at best, certainly did not see Canada.

We are now headed east, planning to travel thru the Adirondack Mountains in NY, the White Mountains of New Hampshire, and of course, Vermont in between. We expect to see lots more beautiful Fall foliage. We then head back South to visit Shannon in Connecticut.

We are both doing well, as is the RV. Yea!

Love to all,
Margie & Riley

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