October 18, 2003 Washington D.C.

Margie and I have just returned to our Chateau Sport via Metrorail after a 3-hour walking tour of downtown D.C. On our way northeast toward New England a couple weeks ago we had driven through town, but could not find parking for the rig and so just kept on going. Early this afternoon we parked at the Greenbelt Metro station and bought day passes so that we could go anywhere on the Metro system all day. Mostly we walked along The National Mall, from the Capitol on the east end to the Lincoln Monument on the west end, with a brief detour to the north to swing by the White House. We got some good photos of the White House, the Washington Monument and the Lincoln Monument, including one of the Gettysburg Address engraved on the south wall (though it may have been too dark). We also saw the Vietnam and Korean War Monuments (as well as the WW II monument under construction), and numerous buildings in the Smithsonian system, ate a couple of hot dogs and generally wore ourselves out. It was a good experience, far more interesting than our quick drive by earlier.



Earlier we saw some spectacular Fall colors while in New England, got a short visit with Shannon in Connecticut, and are now heading west toward Front Royal, VA, where we'll pick up the Skyline Drive. This will take us to the southwest and turn into the Appalachian Trail and then the Blue Ridge Parkway, which we expect to be quite pretty. With over a month to get to Tucson for Thanksgiving, we are starting to look for someplace where we can hang out for a week or two and take a break from driving. We might even head back for the Natchez Trace, as it has a couple of free campgrounds in Mississippi.



Riley (& Margie)

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