November 06, 2003 Memphis-Natchez Trace Revisited

I'm writing but doubt I will be able to send for a couple of days. We have taken a break from our travels and are "at home" at Big Sand RV Park, just off the Natchez Trace south of Jackson. It is an interesting park in that it caters to people with horses. There is a stable, two pastures, and a paddock, and the trails we have walked on are horse trails. The three other RVs here now are combination living quarters and horse trailers. Don't think I have seen that before. We picked it because it has utilities and is cheap--a winning combination. Once we got south of Jackson, we found it was summer again--temps in high 80s. We have on shorts again and are running the AC in the afternoons.

Riley has done some maintenance chores on the RV: changing the generator oil and tightening screws, etc. I've vacuumed, cleaned the bathroom, and defrosted the refrigerator. I am shocked to have to be doing that particular chore again, but many fridges in RVs are not frost-free. Anyway, as you can see, life's mundane activities still go on even when you are traveling. Mostly we are just taking it easy, and enjoying some time off from driving.

I continue to work on the sampler quilt and have made good progess. I have only one more square to put together and then will start stripping it together. I didn't have to buy more material to finish up the squares, but did buy the stripping material when we were last in Tupelo (birthplace of Elvis Presley and a nice town). I'm always doubtlful if I've picked the right material. This one, I'm afraid, may be too loud, as Mom puts it. Oh well, we'll just wait and see.

Before getting here, we went by Memphis to visit Elvis at Graceland. Very pretty home and property, but Elvis had rather tacky taste when it came to furnishings. Oh well... I was amazed at how many people were there touring as we were. Graceland is quite an operation with plenty of ways to take your money. We did buy a CD and a picture of us in front of the gate, and had lunch: grilled peanut butter and banana sandwiches. (Aubrey, I know how to make them now. Remind me next time I'm there and I'll make one for you.) Pretty good!


We also stopped by Shiloh and it rather upset me. I've told Riley I don't want to visit any more Civil War Memorials--too depressing.

We plan to visit Natchez the first of next week and then will start heading west through Louisiana and Texas. We are scheduled to be in Tucson for Thanksgiving. We want to stop and visit Lloyd and Ferrell and Big Bend as we come through Texas.


As predicted, we have been out of cell phone coverage since Saturday. We will make it into Natchez this afternoon though and I expect we'll be able to send this off then. We have had a good time on our break--lots of walks and lolling around. The last couple of days we have been at Rocky Springs campground, where we walked on the Old Trace and visited the old townsite of Rocky Springs. Not much there but a Methodist Church that still holds Sunday services and a graveyard. We explored the graveyard a bit, and there were many graves of babies and small children. What a tough life those people lived! The history material said the town had at one time been hit hard by yellow fever, so perhaps that was part of the reason there were so many small graves.

Riley finished all his reading material and is ready to get back to civilization to find more books. We are hoping to find a place that will allow us to trade our old books for theirs. I'd just like a store and perhaps dinner out for a change. We will be staying at Natchez State Park about 10 miles from the city.

Love to all,
Margie & Riley

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