December 20, 2003 Seattle

Being back in Seattle was interesting. Everyone we wanted to visit works--what a concept! So since we weren't going to be in town but for one weekend, we had quite a juggling match finding times when Roxie and Keith were free; I had already committed the weekend to Gaynell. Gaynell and I had a wonderful time--we had two sister days in a row. What a good time we had--we picked out and decorated her Chrismas tree, did some Christmas shopping, had our nails done (what a luxury!), even did some cooking together. Keith joined us Saturday night and we all went out for dinner at Angelo's--a wonderful Italian place--such good food. Riley read and visited with Thad while Gaynell and I were off shopping. I did some reading while Riley spent time alone with Keith, and we both got good visits with Roxie.

We parked the RV in front of Roxie's for most of the week, which made it convenient for getting to our appointments, as well as making evening visits easy. Riley and I both went to the dentist; I had two other doctor appointments; we had some work on the RV done, including getting the carpet cleaned. It felt like we had some appointment every day--and we did! We stayed a couple of days longer than planned, as both doctors I saw wanted an additional test done. I did both and both were fine--no problems. In other words, unnecessary. Oh well, better to know, I reckon. Anyway the only thing we didn't get done was a change from Sprint to another phone service, preferably Verizon. We can't seem to find another phone that will work with the Mac. For the present, we are leaving it alone, but may give up the ability to connect with our computer (Sprint PCS charges too much for this) and get the better phone plan. We'll see.

We started our trip back to Houston yesterday. Since we were late leaving Seattle, we intend to push--drive as much as possible during the day, stay in rest areas, no visiting or sight-seeing along the way, etc. Not our usual mode of travel and tiring, but guess we will get used to it. We would like to get to Houston on Christmas Eve. I think I will be doing much more driving than I have been doing so far, in order to give Riley rest periods. Mount Rainier was out to say goodbye, but clouds obscured St. Helen's, Adams, and Hood. This morning has been foggy, but once as we drove out of one patch and before entering another, suddenly Mt. Shasta was right in front of us. What a sight it was! We drove after dark last night and it was fun seeing the Christmas decorations on isolated houses along the highway.

After not writing at all while we were in Seattle and had good connections, I'm writing this while driving down the road and have no idea when I will be able to send it off. Good planning, eh?

Love to all,
Margie & Riley

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