May 1, 2004 Texas

We left Houston to make our way to Seattle on Wednesday. Wednesday and Thursday nights we stayed in South Llano River State Park, another beautiful place in Texas. After a walk along the river Thursday, we were sitting at the picnic table listening to the birds and watching a couple of very small birds (wrens?) that were flying around the camper. We noticed the wrens had nest building material in their beaks when they flew up to our bumper and went right in! After they flew off again, Riley removed the cap (it has a hole in it) from the end of the bumper and discovered a good bit of nest material-- they must have been at it all morning! We hated to deprive them of a home but didn't think they'd like it when we drove off, so cleaned it out and put a plastic bag over the bumper cap so they couldn't fly back in. When they returned with more twigs, they were quite confused that the hole was no longer there. I'm sure they found another more appropriate nesting place, but all that work! There were actually a lot of birds in the park. We heard lots of different calls but couldn't identify them. Maybe we should take up bird watching as others have. The park office had a big porch on which they had nests for barn swallows and several hummingbird feeders, so we saw lots of swallows and hummingbirds--always fun.

Leaving there, we headed for Guadalupe Mountains National Park and not far from it the transmission overdrive light started blinking. So we turned around and headed to Carlsbad, where we are now, to have it checked out. We have an appointment Monday at a dealership in Roswell, so will go on up to Bottomless Lake State Park to stay while we wait. Once the transmission cooled, the light went out, but we are not willing to do much driving until we are sure there is no major problem.

Love to all,
Margie & Riley

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