June 11, 2004 West Coast

We had a wonderful trip up the California coast--we love Hwy 1. We had good visits with brother Eric and friends Dick and Earin, who were heading for Colorado as we left.

Falls that we hiked to with Dick Scott.

North Sonoma County coast, California

Overlooking the Gualala River, Sonoma, California

We had one very pleasant day in Oregon and then rain and fog set in--some sun breaks but not many. Keith, who was visiting friends in Portland, drove over to the coast and met us in Tillamook for a couple of days. It was good to see him. Amazingly, he had cut off all his hair--about a quarter inch, if that much, all over and no facial hair. He looked very different--handsome, of course, but different. We got used to the new look quite quickly. Also, unfortunately, we didn't take any pictures. Riley will have to take plenty on the motorcycle trip to make up for this oversight.

We then came up the Washington coast around the Olympic peninsula. We stopped at the Sol Duc Hot Springs and soaked awhile with all the other tourists. We were among the few who spoke English as our native language. The springs are diverted into small pools for sitting as well as a large swimming pool. This allows the water temperature and bacteria levels to be carefully controlled. Maybe not so much fun as jumping into a hot spring out in the wilderness, but definitely safer. Many of the hot springs in Colorado, including the one at Ouray, are also like this. Taking the ferry back across to Seattle, we found the ride to be quite expensive ($37), compared to a previous motorcycle ride which cost us a mere $5 to take the same ferry.

Sentinel rock at Bush County Park, Washington coast

Seattle has been rainy as usual but we've had some fun anyway with Roxie and with Gaynell & Thad. Both Gaynell & Roxie have beautiful yards--oh, to have a green thumb! The doctors have not been fun but at least no major follow-ups for me. Riley has one follow-up that he's taking care of this morning. I have one more doctor visit next week--the eye doctor. My vision with glasses is not as good as Riley's but not sure if it is worth new glasses. We'll see.

On Monday, June 21st, I will be flying back to Houston for a month. Riley will head back to Northern California to do some motorcycling with Dick, Austin (Dick's son), Keith and Eric. I'll miss the annual motorcycle trip, but that's the way it goes. I'll be having fun with Mom.

Love to all,
Margie & Riley

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