October 5, 2004 Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Margie and I have decided to change the format of our Web page (at www.richardson44.net) to that of a travelogue. The text will come mostly from Margie's (and to a lesser extent my) e-mail notes since we originally left Seattle on 30 June, 2003. We'll supplement the text with selected photos that we've taken along the way, so you'll be able to enjoy some of the sights we've seen since hitting the road after my retirement. Margie, who did most of the work on the new site, has again included a section on her quilts at the end of the travelogue section, which currently goes through 27 September, 2004. From time to time we'll update the site with new text and photos so that you all may vicariously join us on our grand tour. Please check out the updated site and let us know what you think of it.

Meanwhile, we're in an RV park just west of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, that has a WiFi base station, which is what enabled us to update our Web page on Apple's servers. We'll likely stay here another day or two and then continue west to Edmonton, and on to Jasper and then south to Lake Louise/Banff, all in Alberta. From there, we are planning to head west to Kamloops and Vancouver, both in British Columbia, and possibly even over to Vancouver Island (Victoria, etc.) before returning to Seattle by the end of the month. These plans may change, however, as we are noting that it is getting harder to find RV parks and Provincial Parks that are still open this late in the season--we've had overnight temps as low as 19 degrees. Still, daytime temps have gotten up near 70, and so it is quite pleasant. Southern Manitoba and Saskatchewan are very flat and largely devoted to growing wheat and hay, which is mostly harvested by now. We are looking forward to seeing the Canadian Rockies as we approach Jasper, and will be sure to have plenty of propane for our heater in case of cold (and wind, of which there has been much on these open plains).

We are both well and trust that all is well with you folks.

Riley (and Margie)

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