October 18, 2004 British Columbia

Since leaving the Canadian Rockies we've had a good tour of British Columbia, starting with Lillooet. This is a small town that was the jumping off point for the Cariboo gold rush in the late 1800s. The campground there is right next to the Fraser River, but had some very tight turns down a steep hill, and we barely made it in with our rig and trailer. The river itself was quite brown due to heavy rains upriver, but many big fish have been taken from it near Lillooet, including a giant sturgeon. The night we spent there it rained a lot, and when we left the next morning we could see snow on the nearby mountains. Still, it looked like serious winter was still a way off as there were lots of bright yellow trees with leaves yet to fall.

Lillooet across the Fraser River

Snow-capped mountains above yellow trees

After a night at a Provincial Park south of Lillooet, we toured the Capilano Suspension Bridge in North Vancouver. The bridge was originally built around 1890, and has always been little more than a tourist draw as it is only a foot bridge. Although it's obviously sturdy, the bridge did sway noticeably as we crossed and I know Margie wasn't comfortable. It was raining gently when we toured, but we learned long ago that if you let such weather stop you, you'll rarely get out in the Pacific Northwest in the fall and winter. One of the highlights was a number of totem poles that have been there for over 60 years, but which they do a good job of maintaining. Also interesting was a walkway suspended between a number of large trees from which we got lots of good views. They also pointed out where several big trees had been blown down by hurricane Freda in 1962, which was the first time I had ever heard of a Pacific hurricane getting that far north.

Margie in front of totem poles

Riley on the skywalk

Capilano Suspension Bridge from below

On the Capilano Suspension Bridge

Our tour of Canada has been very pleasant, and was made even nicer by the relatively large number of open WiFi hotspots that we found which allowed us to check e-mail and get news from the Web. Still, we are happy to be back in the States and looking forward to seeing family and friends.

Riley and Margie

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