November 2, Seattle

We've been having a good time visiting in Seattle. Been here two weeks and just had first doctor appointment this morning. Have dentist on Thursday, then plan to leave town on Sunday. Tomorrow we take the RV to the shop to have a motorcycle carrier installed on the rear so that we can have the BMW cycle without pulling the trailer. We've given the trailer to Keith.

We've seen Keith more than we usually do, since he isn't working at the moment--unemployment does have some benefits. For those who haven't seen him since he cut his hair, here is a picture. He and Roxie watched a movie with us one night and Keith worked on getting a virus off her laptop. He was successful too. Better solution then wiping the disk as I had to do for Aubrey and Mom.

Roxie & Keith visit us in RV

I've had two good "sister" weekends with Gaynell and Thad. Even though it is wintertime, she still has some pretty flowers. We've had nice weather on the weekends, so she spent some time working in the garden both times. They are repainting the inside of the house with lots of help from Alex & Jenefer, and rearranging furniture, as well as getting new. Guess since Alex has moved out, they have been inspired to change. Alex and Olivia came by on Halloween and Olivia had a devil's outfit on that she was wearing to work at Safeway--very cute. Lots of trick or treaters came by and Gaynell enjoyed giving out the candy in her Mardi Gras mask--it seemed to surprise the kids to be greeted by someone in a mask. We had a lot of fun.

Trycirtus Pilosa, aka Toad Lilies in Gaynell's garden

Schizostylus, aka Big Mama (don't you love it?)

Thad & Carlos taking it easy

Alex & Olivia ready for Halloween

Gaynell ready for work

Election day is finally here and we plan to watch the numbers coming in for a while this evening with Roxie. She and Neal & his kids spent this last weekend in Pittsburgh with his family.

I've started working on quilts for my youngest grandchildren-- Justin & Alyssa. A picture of the one for Shannon that I finished a month or so ago is now up in the Quilt section.

Look forward to seeing everyone as we head south thru California, then to Tucson for Thanksgiving, then Houston in December.

Margie & Riley

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