November 13, California Coast

Our last Saturday in Seattle, we spent some quality time with Keith--rented a couple of movies, had pizza delivered, etc. He is getting pretty good on the guitar and he and Riley did some picking. Here's a picture:

Japanese Maple in front of Keith's house

We left Seattle on Monday--stayed over a day to go by the RV shop to have some adjustments made to the motorcycle carrier. As we left, we found the cycle was coming loose as we traveled--not enough to come off, just enough to bang on the back of the RV. Riley thinks he has it stable now. We shall see. It sure is nice not to be towing the trailer. :-)

The weather in Washington and Oregon was the same--rain and fog! We did not get to say good-bye to any of the mountains. We had hoped to see Mount St. Helen's steaming, but no way in that fog. The first mountain we saw was Mount Shasta in Northern California, and a very nice mountain it is too. It was still somewhat rainy in California but no fog.

We spent Tuesday evening and Wednesday with our friends Dick and Earin Scott. It was a pleasant visit and Earin did a lot of cooking for us, which was nice since she's a good cook. It rained all day Wednesday. Couldn't believe we were in California! Riley borrowed Dick's carpet cleaner and put it to good use, so we once again have a clean carpet. Yea!

Thursday we traveled over to the Santa Cruz area to visit Eric and family--had a good dinner at a favorite Mexican restaurant with the whole family in attendance, including Wendy, who is doing well. Friday Eric and Lindsey (Tyler was in school) took us for a good hike in the Elkhorn Slough Reserve--very pretty area--and then we went to the movies and saw "The Incredibles." It was a lot of fun. Lindsey and her friend Anthony visited us at the campground after dinner for roasting marshmallows around the campfire and making S'mores. I didn't get any--boo hoo! :-) We didn't take any pictures, so will have to take plenty when we see them again in Tucson for Thanksgiving.

We stayed at the newly redone New Brighton State Beach campground which is on a cliff next to Monterey Bay. In the time between the movies and Lindsey's visit, Riley and I took a walk down on the beach and watched the sunset. This beach is definitely in my top three beaches list along with San Quentin in Baja and Padre Island. Riley spotted two California sea otters swimming out in the kelp and pointed them out to me. I find it hard to distinguish them from the kelp at that distance from the shore, but then saw them dive and knew he had correctly identified them. We have seen sea otters "in the wild" once before down around Carmel.

We left this morning (Saturday) and started traveling down Highway 1 toward San Diego to visit Lara. It is a beautiful day and we stopped at noon for the day, camping in a National Forest campground on a cliff next to the ocean. What a great place it is and not as much traffic noise as we had feared. We took a rather steep walk down to the ocean but found rocks, not beach. We enjoyed sitting on the rocks and basking in the sun after all the rain we have had the last month. Highway 1 is one of our favorite roads--so beautiful--and plan to take our time as we drive south. We don't have a phone signal at the moment so not sure when I will get to send this off into the ether.

Margie & Riley

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