May 19, Texas

We had a pleasant visit in Houston, spending all our time with Mom and Aubrey. They are doing very well, and I am very proud of the progress Mom has made. She seems better each time we visit. The weather was very hot and humid--thank goodness for air conditioning. Nancy came over several times and Richard & Beverly came down from Austin for a visit. We played dominoes (Train) and Mom did well, seeing most of her dominos each hand. Richard won! I think I was last--just no luck. :-( After visiting with us, Richard & Bev went on to Nancy's and they went bird-watching at the San Jacinto Monument, then called me to let me know what all they had seen. I was jealous!

Mom ready for church

Mom, Aubrey, Richard & Beverly playing dominos

My granddaughter Sarah also came by to visit us and that was nice. She is growing up very well, and will be a senior in high school next year. She watched "Phantom of the Opera" with me & Mom; we all enjoyed it. Malcolm was in Connecticut taking care of Rebecca while Shannon vacations in Spain, so we didn't get to see him. The flower beds at Thornton are already growing back over with ivy and weeds that we had cleared out in January--yard work is never done. No time to work on it on this visit though--too hot to be working outdoors anyway.

Margie & Sarah

Aunt Betty, Mom, Nancy & Aubrey

Our last day in Houston was Monday and Nancy brought Aunt Betty over to visit and to see the quilt I'm working on--the one for Alyssa. I quilted past the halfway point while there in Houston, and haven't worked on it since--maybe later tonight. We are in an RV park north of Snyder, TX, and will be driving into Lubbock first thing in the morning. There are a lot of birds here, but so far none we haven't seen before. We see a lot of birds just driving down the highway, but don't get to see them long enough for identification purposes. The bird we have been most impressed with since leaving Houston is the Scissor-tailed Flycatcher; it is always easy to identify because of its long tail, whether it is flying or just sitting up on the electrical lines. When it flies down to catch a bug with tail outspread, I think it looks like a giant butterfly--such an elegant bird. While in Houston, we spent two evenings hanging out in the Kroger parking lot to see Common Nighthawks--we saw just one. Tonight I saw 15-20 buzzing around eating insects (mosquitoes, I hope). That's the way it goes. At any rate, thanks to Richard I knew what I was seeing.
After leaving Houston we stopped at McKinney Falls State Park in the southeast corner of Austin and spent Tuesday visiting my brother Lloyd and his family. He and his wife Ferrell just moved to Austin a couple of weeks ago to be closer to kids and grandkids. Leslie & Jonathon's kids, Ben and Zazie, are very cute, and it was a fun visit. Somehow though, I neglected to take any pictures. Luke and Amy have sold their house and are getting ready to move to Brooklyn, New York, to be in the same town with his business partner. Those two move a lot, but not as much as we do.

McKinney Falls (don't know the fisherman)
Getting here we stopped in San Saba (the pecan capital of the world) to visit my cousin Sharon and her husband Doug. We had fun catching up on family gossip and looking at each other's quilts. We also stopped in Kingsland to visit my Uncle Bobby and Aunt Aileen, and that was pleasant too. It had been a long time since we had seen them.

Sharon & Doug Hayes
We spent one night at Inks Lake State Park before driving into Kingsland, and what a beautiful place it is. More Mockingbirds than I have ever seen in one place and all suffering from Spring Fever. They were chasing each other and calling out nonstop--very noisy and fun. There were also a lot of deer wandering around the park just before sunset.

Deer in front of our RV at Inks Lake

Scissor-tailed Flycatcher

After Lubbock, we plan to spend a few days at Palo Duro Canyon before heading on up to Kansas. We had hoped it would be cooler as we got farther north and a bit higher in elevation, but no such luck. It's hot, hot, hot, in the 90s, and our air conditioning is getting a workout. Guess that's good, we're not--we're hiding from the heat. We're hoping to be back in Seattle on June 4.

Love to all,
Margie & Riley

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