January 5, Website & Christmas

Apple was able to restore part of our website, but is taking far too long to recover the remainder (all the photos plus a few files). I have never been confident that they would, so I went through and found pictures and rebuilt missing files. I couldn't find a few of the pictures so am still hoping Apple will come through. In the meantime, I do have the site working again and our last e-mail along with pictures has been posted as well as this one.

We had a wonderful Christmas with my family and there are several pictures on the web site. Everyone seems to be doing well and it was good to see them again. Lee Alan and his friend Leslie announced they were engaged, though not planning to marry for another two years--long engagement. Katelynn & Taylor have both grown in height quite a bit. I think they will be as tall as the Richardson girls by the time they finish.


Mom & Aubrey

Everyone except Jim & Riley

Riley opening a gift

We spent New Year's Eve with my friend Benegene once again. It seems to have become a tradition. Her friend Richard, who has been working for Halliburton in Iraq, was also there, and it was good to see him again. His contract is up, but he is thinking of going back for another year--not something I would want to do at all. At any rate, we had a nice time; Benegene is always a gracious hostess.

Other than the holidays, my days have been spent mostly with Mom. I have missed seeing her this past year and have been spending as much time as possible with her. I have been going to Curves again with Nancy. Unbelievable but true, the owner of the Curves here in Crosby is the same woman who owned the Curves in Garden Oaks when I was going there--she has since sold that operation. What a coincidence!

Margie, Mom, & Rebecca


Riley has spent lots of time on his new computer, as well as getting to know the horses (and cats) and helping with their care. He also has been going back over to Malcolm's on the weekend to watch football. I think he has seen my granddaughters more than I have. On the 10th we plan to go back over there in the RV and spend a few days doing more work on the house and yard, as well as visiting with the girls. Rebecca started working on Dec. 31, so both girls now have jobs and are quite busy.

Margie & Riley

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