June 29, Oregon

As usual, we have been having a grand time. This report may be more pictures than words, so hope everyone can get out to our site. Not having either of our cell phones work was even more annoying than I had imagined. On days we got into town on the motorcycle, we would try to call people only to find they were out. When we did make contact, it always seemed to be in a noisy environment (cafe) and/or in a rush to get somewhere else. At any rate, we intend to check our cell phone coverage before checking into another RV park for a month. We will be leaving Prospect on Wednesday and heading for the Boise/ Twin Falls area of Idaho.

View of Lost Creek Lake from Flounce Rock

Barr Creek Falls with rainbow

Wild Iris
We have done lots of exploring of the area on the motorcycle, finding many lovely areas, and riding up to Crater Lake where the road around the lake and the hiking trails were still closed because of snow. We had hoped to hike a bit there and look for highland birds, but no such luck. Of course, the Gray Jay and Clark's Nutcracker were both hanging around the visitor center looking for handouts. On this ride, we also stopped by the Rogue River Gorge rest stop. The river here is so beautiful and so powerful. This upper part of the river has been declared "wild and scenic," so no dams. However, the lower part is not so protected. There is a dam near our RV park, which is situated next to the Rogue. We have done a lot of our walks by this part of the river. There is also a place where the river enters a lava tube and disappears underground for about 200 feet creating a natural bridge. We went by this area but the river is so full of snow melt that it was not only going through the tube but flowing over it and the bridge effect was lost.

Crater Lake, Oregon

Crater Lake Lodge

Rogue River Gorge

Giant boulders in Rogue River

On June 20, we met Eric for a week-long motorcycle trip in Northern California. Our second day out was rainy with lots of lightning, which evidently sparked many fires in the area. Though our weather was good the rest of the time, we had varying degrees of smoke every day. We found some beautiful roads our first three days, then so-so roads after that. Oh well, can't have everything I guess. Named spots that we visited were Lassen Volcanic NP, the Lava Beds National Monument, and Burney Falls State Park. The Burney Falls are spectacular, and we got the added bonus there of seeing the Black Swifts that nest behind the falls. We did some hiking as well as motorcycling and had a very good time, although the BMW did have some mechanical issues and will have to go into a shop in Boise for some work.

Margie & Eric in front of Lassen Peak

Snow & ice-covered Lake Helen

Riley & Margie at Lassen Volcanic NP, Bumpass Hell

Riley & Eric at Crater Lake, California

Burney Falls

Lava beds behind motorcycles

Riley and Eric have another motorcycle trip planned for late July with Dick and Keith. I will not be joining them, but will instead fly to Houston to visit family and be with my Mom.

Love to all,
Margie & Riley

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