August 22, Boise, Houston, & Seattle

Boise is a nice city with plenty of growth going on. We stayed there as a convenient place to get maintenance work done on both the motorcycle and the RV, and for me to fly out of to Houston. The work on the vehicles was frustrating to say the least. There was an electrical problem with the motorcycle which seemed to be fixed when we picked it up, but recurred the next day. Since Riley was leaving on a motorcycle trip that week, he didn't take it back for a second try. Instead he had to put up with disconnecting the battery every time he made an extended stop during the trip--very frustrating. The RV work was just as frustrating; we took it in twice and still had a problem with wheels as we headed into Washington and had to stop and get more work done in the little town of Othello. Details are boring so I won't go into them. All is well now.

Riley was frustrated enough with the growing number of problems with the BMW that he bought a new 2007 Honda Shadow and sold the BMW using Craigslist. The Shadow is much lower to the ground and we are both having to adjust to different seating positions. It's a nice, smooth-riding bike and I'm sure we'll enjoy it as much as we have the BMW over the years.

While Riley was on his motorcycle trip to the Yellowstone area, I flew to Houston to be with my Mom. It was an interesting time, and I was glad to get to see family. I took care of Mom during the nights and some during the days too. The idea was to be with her as much as possible while giving Nancy a break from caretaking chores. I picked up granddaughter Rebecca one day and brought her back for a visit, and granddaughter Sarah came in her own car on another day. Mom was happy to see both of them. Sarah and I went to see the movie "Momma Mia" and we both loved it--so much fun and laughter and such good songs. Rebecca is pregnant and due March 1, so I will be a great-grandma for the second time. She and her boyfriend Tony have an apartment, and both are working. Mom was doing well, and for that, we are happy. Nancy's husband Jim announced he is retiring from Budweiser at the end of October.

Keith, Dick, Eric & Riley at Jenny Lake, Grand Tetons
Boise was quite hot, so Riley and I were looking for ways to keep cool. We went to the movies at least three times: Hancock, Batman, and The Mummy. We also took a couple of motorcycle rides up north into the mountains for cooler weather. Behind the RV park there was a bayou (irrigation ditch) with a path along side it, which we used for taking our daily walk. We would go first thing in the morning while it was still sort of cool. Rather than come back along the same path, we would cut through the local cemetery to get back to the park. The cemetery had lots of shade trees and a couple of ponds so it made for a nice route.

Leaving Boise, we headed straight to Seattle and Keith's house where we stayed for a week. For a change we only had one medical appointment each this time around. The big event was Steve and Genevieve's wedding at the University of Washington and reception in Roxanne's yard on Saturday the 16th. Genevieve looked so beautiful (as usual), and Steve was very handsome. There was plenty of good food (sushi!), and great company with plenty of family and friends. A wonderful time was had by all.

Genevieve & Steve dancing at reception

Sue and Lee, parents of the groom, and Roxanne, mother of the bride

Genevieve and Jo

Steve & Genevieve being toasted by Roxanne

The day before the wedding some of the family, including us, went for a hike to Twin Falls off I-90 near North Bend. It was a beautiful area and a good hike. Afterward Riley and I rode the new motorcycle home through the Snoqualmie Valley--a ride we've done many times before. It was fun and we enjoyed it, but ended up having to go around the north end of Lake Washington because of bad traffic on the Highway 520 bridge.

Twin Falls Upper

Twin Falls Lower

We are now at Gaynell and Thad's and having a good visit with them. Thad is fixing BBQ baby back ribs for dinner tonight--yummy!

Keith and Riley are planning a two day camping trip for the weekend to put more miles on the new motorcycle. I'll stay here with Gaynell. Monday (or perhaps Tuesday), we plan to move on and spend some time in British Columbia and perhaps on Vancouver Island.

Love to all,
Margie & Riley

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