November 12, San Diego

Riley and I have been visiting in San Diego for almost a month now and it has been a pleasant and rewarding time. Before arriving we did have nice visits with friends Dick and Earin in Penn Valley and with Eric and his family in Aptos. We took several motorcycle rides in both areas getting a feel for the new Honda Shadow, and in general having a great time.

Ryin and Lindsey


Margie & Ryin

California Coast at Point Lobos Nature Preserve

We've also done some riding here in the San Diego area--up to Palomar Observatory and through the mountain village of Julian. Beautiful roads and beautiful weather! Riley finally got a larger windscreen installed on the Shadow, so along with the luggage rack and a handlebar clock, we feel we've got the cycle fully outfitted now.

Lake Cuyamaca near Julian

Riley & new Honda Shadow

This past Tuesday we all went to Balboa Park to walk through the rose garden. For the kids (who had the day off school) we rode on the carousel (vintage 1910) and the miniature train. It was a lot of fun. On the Sunday before we had gone to see "Madagascar 2," which was quite funny. A couple of weeks ago, we saw the movie "The Secret Life of Bees" with Lara and Ashley. It was something of a tear jerker, but very thoughtful and well done.

Alyssa, Cleric, Ashley, & Justin

Justin, Sarah, Lara, Alyssa, Juan, Steve, & Johnny

Trick-or-treaters: Iron Man Justin & Go-Go Girl Alyssa

Cleric eating birthday cake August 22

Justin and Alyssa were our only trick-or-treaters on Halloween. Last year we were staying at Campland on the Bay, and the park hosts brought around a whole bunch of kids who were evidently staying in the park at that time. It was fun and we missed it this year. Actually, while this is a nice RV park, its main advantage is being close to Lara's apartment. We miss the amenities of Campland and being right on Mission Bay--there were always lots of birds to look at (Brant sea geese!). Here we have a few hummingbirds and a Black Phoebe that hang out near our motor home. We have to ride over to nearby Lake Murray to do our walking, and there are a lot of birds there. One day, Riley and I rode over to the Tijuana Slough NWR to look for birds but didn't have a great deal of luck. Even the docent said they had not gotten their usual fall migrants, and birders weren't reporting much.

Cleric, Riley, & Alyssa on Honda

Riley & Justin

I've been doing a lot of reading since we've been here--the usual mysteries and science fiction. I've found a new (for me) mystery writer that I find hilarious--Janet Evanovich. Her "Stephanie Plum" series is up to about 13 books now and I've found all that I've read to be very entertaining.

We enjoyed watching returns come in on election night. One of the advantages of being in the big city is cable TV access at the RV park. Of course, we were happy that Barack Obama won, since we had supported and voted for him. We thought John McCain gave a very gracious concession speech, and we also liked Obama's acceptance speech. Obama is certainly an accomplished orator, though Riley earlier felt obliged to write him to point out (as the son of a speech professor) that he looked too much like a spectator at a tennis match as he turned his head right and left, but almost never looked straight ahead. Riley had been reading so much political coverage in the the weeks before the election that I was afraid he might have withdrawal symptoms when it was all over. However, there seems to be plenty of other news (political and otherwise) to keep him busy and happy. No sign of the shakes yet! :-)

Tomorrow (11/13) is my Mom and Aubrey's 10th wedding anniversary--happy days!

We leave here on Friday and head for Tucson. We plan to spend Thanksgiving with Shannon in Albuquerque, then head to Houston for Christmas, as usual at that time of year.

Love to all,
Margie & Riley

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