January 7, Texas

We enjoyed the Davis Mountains as usual, but decided to pass on the trip into Big Bend. Riley was a bit under the weather (headache) and we decided it was best to head on into Crosby where my sister Nancy lives. As we drove through Houston on Interstate 10 a teen on a pedestrian overpass tossed a fist-sized rock over the side. The rock went through the window over the cab into our bedroom. We saw the kid throw the rock and it was scary watching it come toward us with nothing we could do about it because of the heavy traffic. Thursday (tomorrow) the motor home goes into the shop to get that fixed, as well the hydraulics on the slideout, which went out right before Christmas. Seems like when one thing goes wrong, something else does too.

Anyway, Riley's headache went away, and after a short visit with Nancy & Mom, we drove back to Austin and visited my brothers, Lloyd and Richard, for a few days. We had a really good time there, going birding a couple of times with Richard and to a classical guitar concert that Lloyd was participating in. There are two places in Austin that we usually go to for bird watching: Lady Bird Lake and the Austin Sewer Ponds. We saw lots of birds at both places and got plenty of exercise walking around the lake and through the woods near the ponds. The guitar concert was great. We enjoyed it very much.

Leslie & Ben

Lloyd & Zazie making Christmas ornaments


Ben, Zazie, Ferrell, Frosty & Lloyd at Wildflower Center

Richard has been volunteering with Habitats for Humanity, and we went to the dedication of a house they had just finished. I hadn't known much about this group before, but I now see what a fine thing this group does for folks. People who get houses have to put in many volunteer hours and do have to pay something for the houses (interest-free loans). Anyway, I was quite impressed with the organization.

Richard & other volunteers in front of Habitat House

Lloyd at Classical Guitar Recital

We also went to see the remake of "The Day the Earth Stood Still." It was pretty good but not as good as the original. About half-way through, they diverged from the original plot and I thought that was a mistake. Still, it was fun and we were glad we saw it.

Nancy and Jim went to visit their daughter Carol near Joshua Tree, California, for two weeks during the holidays. Riley and I took care of Mom and Aubrey during this time, and I fixed Christmas dinner for us. Richard and Beverly from Austin, cousin Eddie from Houston, Shannon from Albuquerque, and Rebecca and her friend Tony and his two little ones shared it with us. We had a very good time and ate well, if I do say so. Nancy's grandkids had Christmas next door at Steve's, and came over to say "hi." Since Nancy and Jim have returned, we've shared the cooking and Mom's care.

Shannon and Rebecca

Beverly, Richard, Margie & Riley

Aubrey and Mom

Nancy, Mom, Aunt Betty & cousin Theresa

Rebecca is healthy and seems to be taking good care of herself and the baby. She's due in early March and we intend to stay in the area until sometime after the baby--our second great-grandson--is born.

Two of Nancy and Jim's mares are pregnant and due any day. Seems like every year when we are here we get to see a new foal.

Weather has been mostly warm and muggy, with a few cool days now and then. It snowed here while we were in Austin and Riley has been jealous that everyone got snow but us--maybe next year. On one of the warm days, Riley and I went out on the motorcycle to run errands and check out the Highlands Reservoir for birds. A whole flock of snow geese was out in the middle of the lake, so it was a good trip for both the birds and the ride.

Snow at Nancy's home in Crosby
Love to all,
Margie & Riley

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