April 12, More Houston

It's been so long since I've written one of these travelogues, I feel a bit overwhelmed. One of the problems, of course, is that we are not traveling. We are still in Houston and will be so for a few more months. The other thing is that in the past few months, I have become a Facebook fan, and as those of you on Facebook know, I have done a lot of reporting there. I find it a fun way to stay in touch.

Margie and Sarah at Nancy's

New colt

My granddaughter Rebecca had her baby on March 2 (my Mom's birthday) as we had hoped. She had a healthy baby boy (7 lbs. 10 oz.) whom she has named Jonny William Dyke. I was able to be with her in the labor and delivery room and it was quite an experience. Tony, the father of the baby, was there too, and got to cut the cord. At any rate, Rebecca is having some difficulties, and we are staying to help her with the baby and get things sorted out as much as possible. I've had a lot of fun helping her with the care of Jonny. He is a delightful baby.

Tony, Rebecca, & Jonny, March 2

Margie & Jonny

Jonny, March 4

Rebecca, Jonny & Shannon, March 5

Sarah feeding Jonny, March 6
My other great-grandson, Cleric, is growing up too fast. I'll include a couple of pictures his mom (Ashley) sent me. I hope we will be able to get out there to visit before too long.

Ashley & Cleric in San Diego


We have settled in an RV park on the south side of Houston. It's a nice place with a lake for fishing, and a swimming pool, spa, and exercise room. I have been alone here for the last 10 days as Riley has gone off on a motorcycle trip with brother Eric and friend Dick to Death Valley and the east side of the Sierras. I'm expecting him back in a couple of days. He has reported having a good time and even got to stop in Tucson to visit brother Randy and his family.

Eric, Riley, & Dick relaxing after a hard day motorcycling
Since we are staying here so long, we took the opportunity to buy a used car from my nephew Steve--it belonged to his paternal grandmother, a long time friend of our family. It's a 1986 Buick Park Avenue, and it has been so great having it. Makes me wonder how we have done without one for so long. It gives me, in particular, a freedom I have not had since we went "on the road", i.e. being able to go somewhere without Riley!

1986 Buick Park Avenue
I still go out to sister Nancy's to visit her and Mom at least once a week. Mom is doing well, and absolutely loves little Jonny. It is so nice to see her happiness when she looks at and holds him. We took a 5-generation picture while Shannon was in town, but Mom was tired and wearing an eye patch because of a scratch on her cornea, so it is not the best picture of her.

5 generations: Shannon, Rebecca, Margie, Mom & Jonny, March 6

Mom holding Jonny, March 21

Love to all,
Margie & Riley

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