July 20, Houston Once Again

Bet you are all wondering if we are ever going to leave Houston. Well, we have too, but now are thinking we will leave around the first of September, take a route through the northern states and be in Seattle in October. We'll probably spend the last couple of weeks here out at Nancy's helping her with Mom. Back in March Mom had about a month where she was alert and doing well; now she has regressed to spending much of her time asleep and doesn't always seem to understand what we are saying to her. She's getting weaker too and it's hard to transfer her from chair to wheelchair, etc. Her husband Aubrey is still recovering from his back problems and is staying with his son Dennis. I think Aubrey and Mom miss each other but it was impossible for Nancy to care for both of them.

Rebecca and her friend Tony are doing well. Their new apartment is very nice and Tony has found a job close to home, waiting tables at The Black Eyed Pea. Jonny is a beautiful baby and a good one. We will miss him a lot whenever we are not helping out so much as we are now. He has grown and developed well and has a very charming personality already. Rebecca and Tony are loving parents, and I think they will do a good job bringing him up.

Jonny at four and a half months


We did manage to take a week during June to go to Albuquerque for my daughter Shannon's wedding on June 21. Her new husband, Dresden Black, is Canadian and just recently moved here from Victoria, British Columbia, in order to be with Shannon. We took Jonny with us (thank you, Rebecca) so that he could visit his grandmother. The trip was a long time for Jonny to stay in the car seat. He slept a great deal of the time but when awake it was obvious he wanted out of the car seat. However, he didn't spend the entire time screaming, so we thought he did even better than we expected he might. My brother Richard and his wife Beverly caravaned with us from Austin, which was fun. While in Albuquerque we got to take a couple of bird walks with them, and I realized how much I had missed that this year. After the wedding, when we headed back to Houston, they went on to Colorado Springs, Portland and Seattle. We were jealous and wished we could be traveling on with them. I don't think Rebecca would have liked it if we had not brought Jonny back immediately. :-)

Sandia Crest view

Richard & Bev on Sandia Crest

Riley comforting Jonny at wedding

The wedding party

We like Dresden and think that he and Shannon are well suited and will have a happy marriage--it is certainly beginning that way. They have a new house in an outlying suburb--not many neighbors yet. The wedding was held in the backyard of a friend of Shannon's. It was a beautiful place--lovely trees and views of the mountains behind and city lights below. Another friend officiated and the wedding had a definite Star Trek theme--Shannon carried a "tribble" rather than a bouquet and the cake was decorated with Star Trek symbols. It was a casual and romantic ceremony with a nice touch of humor. Everyone had a good time.

Shannon and Dresden

Cutting the cake

RV parked next to Shannon's home

Margie & Jonny in front of house

This is turning into a baby quilt year. I have completed three "Sleepy Bear" quilts so far this year, am working on a fourth, and have one more to make after that. Pictures of these quilts can be found on my quilt page. The three I've completed were for Rebecca & Tony, Gabe & Jenefer, and Aaron & Burcu. The one I am making is for a friend of Shannon's--I don't usually do this, but Shannon asked me so I am doing it for her. The one yet to make is for my nephew Lee Alan and his wife Leslie, who are expecting in December. Frankly, finding time for quilting has not been easy--thank goodness, these are simple quilts to make since I have made so many.

Our latest movie excursion was to see "Harry Potter and the Half-blood Prince." Since we are fans of the books, we found it easy to like the movie. Somehow, "Prisoner of Azkaban" remains my favorite of the series. Too bad Alfonzo Cuaron couldn't have directed all of them. I felt like I had forgotten a lot so may need to reread the books. I've been reading a lot of mysteries this summer, as well as science fiction, and have a new Janet Evanovich book (Fourteen) to look forward to.

Riley had a third motorcycle trip planned for the end of July--this one in Colorado. However, friend Dick backed out early on in the planning and this week brother Eric had to cancel because his dog Kiya is having surgery. This left Riley and Keith, and Riley has now decided to back out too. Evidently, he has had mixed feelings all along since it is a 3-day ride each way in the heat just to get to the rendezvous point, and he didn't want to leave me alone for two weeks. He's quite a bit of help to me and I would have missed having him here. However, I know he regrets not getting to spend the time with Keith.

I originally wrote the above missive on July 18. Just as I finished, my sister Nancy called to inform me that her granddaughter, Stevie Lynne Love, had died early that morning of apparent heart failure. Stevie was 22 years old, a bright and beautiful woman full of plans for her life. She was attending college to get her nursing degree and working for Nancy taking care of our mother. Her death has been a shock to us all, and we will miss her sorely.

Stevie Lynne at 16
Love to all,
Margie & Riley

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