May 5, Houston & Albuquerque

While in Houston, we finished up the work on the Thornton house, and our new renter Annie and her family have moved in. I'm sure she will enjoy living there and we are glad to have her. We also made sure the townhouse was cleaned up and ready to be shown. We found a realtor and put it on the market in early April. Happily, we already have a pending sale on the place. It will probably be several weeks before it closes, but Riley is so pleased to be able to quit worrying about this place.

The last couple of weeks we were in Houston, we kept Jonny with us full time. We loved having him but it did make getting our work done a bit more difficult. Neither Tony nor Rebecca have a job at this time and will be losing their apartment this month. They decided it would be best if Jonny went and lived with his grandmother, my daughter Shannon, in Albuquerque for a few months while they found jobs and a new place to live. Riley and I agreed to transport him and his things to Shannon's when we left town.


Jonny playing outside

We loaded up the RV, filling up both our bed area and the shower stall, which made the RV impossible to spend the night in. So we made the trip from Houston to Albuquerque in two days, spending one night at a motel. At one year of age, we were afraid Jonny would not be a good traveler, but he was a trouper and did fine. By the time we quit each day, he was fussy and tired of the car seat, but that was only to be expected. We stopped often at places where we could let him run about, and I believe that helped. We have been in Albuquerque for almost two weeks now, helping Jonny adjust to living here, and that has gone well. Jonny seems to be getting along well with Shannon, Dresden and Jenny and seems to realize that this is his home for a while and that we will not always be here. He is a very smart boy. We are planning to leave here on Friday morning and head for the Black Hills of South Dakota. We are both so attached to Jonny that it is not going to be easy leaving him.

Dresden, Shannon and Jonny

View of Sandias from Shannon's roof

We have been to a couple of movies lately: "Clash of the Titans" and "Date Night." We liked both. The special effects in "Clash" were super--we saw it in 3-D. I liked it more than Riley--he doesn't appreciate the story or the first version as I do. "Date Night" was funny with some rather crude humor. Riley is a fan of Steve Carell, I like Mark Wahlberg and Tina Fey, so the movie had something for us both as well as giving us a good laugh.

Shannon took me out for sushi one night--a tradition of ours. It was a new place for her as well as me, and turned out to be a very good choice. Love that sushi! We also went out to our favorite Mexican place, Sandiago's, one night. We've had a good, if unexpected, visit. Our original plan was to visit Padre Island National Seashore and then head for South Dakota.

I'm including here pictures of my other great-grandson, Cleric, and his mother, Ashley, in San Diego.

Cleric & Ashley

Ashley gets a kiss from Cleric.

Love to all,
Margie & Riley

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