June 20, Road to Seattle

We made a quick trip of it from the Black Hills to Seattle spending the most time, about a week, in Glacier National Park. It was a fun trip and we made many interesting stops. Most we had been to before but a few were new. We left the Black Hills via a highway through Spearfish Canyon and stopped by Roughlock Falls, always pretty. This time, although we saw the American Dipper again, we did not see the American Redstart. There were so many here on our last visit that we hoped we would see this pretty bird here again.

Spearfish Canyon

Roughlock Falls

We then stayed at Devil's Tower and made the hike around the base, before heading north into North Dakota to visit Theodore Roosevelt NP. This area always surprises me with its wild beauty.

Devil's Tower

Prairie Dogs near campground

Theodore Roosevelt NP

After driving across Montana on the Lewis & Clark Highway, we spent a couple of nights in Great Falls. This time we actually drove out to see the Falls; why we had not done this on our previous stop here is beyond my recall. This is a beautiful fall on the Missouri River. A hydro-electric dam has been built right across the top of the falls. I had never seen it done this way before. While interesting, it does detract from the natural beauty of the falls. This had been done on other falls in the area also. It was easy to see why Lewis and Clark had had to spend so much time portaging around these falls. We also took a day-long birding trip to Lake Benton and had a good time there.

Great Falls of the Missouri River

Margie & Riley

In Glacier NP, our next stop, we stayed on the east side, using the motorcycle to travel across "The Going to the Sun" road and back. Glacier is always beautiful and we enjoyed every minute of our week-long stay. Our favorite "trick" falls, Running Eagle Falls, was cascading full bore over both levels. It's always fun to look back at pictures of times when the water is flowing over only the lower level. There was still quite a bit of snow at Logan Pass; in fact, it had just been opened the week we were there. For the first time, we did not see grizzly bears while staying at Many Glaciers campground, but a Black Bear had passed on the road next to a cafe we were eating at near Sunrise campground. Everyone, including the staff, went to the windows to watch it make its way past. So we did get a wildlife encounter.

Two Medicine Lake--view from our campsite

Running Eagle Falls

Rocky Mountains, Glacier NP

Margie at Logan Pass Visitor Center


We stayed north after leaving Glacier and came through Washington on Highway 20 through Washington Pass. This is a lovely drive and we enjoyed it thoroughly. We spent the night of July 4 in Mount Vernon at a commercial RV park where we could hear nearby fireworks, but never went out to determine if we could see them--too tired! We came into Seattle earlier than planned, had brief but good visits with Keith and Roxanne, then parked in Gaynell's driveway for several days. During this time, Keith and Riley went off on a motorcycle camping trip up through Granite Falls on the Mountain Loop Highway. I stayed and visited with Gaynell and Thad, spending lots of time sitting in her beautiful backyard, watching the birds that come regularly to her flowers and creek-like water feature.

Keith at Washington Pass

Washington Pass view of Cascades

This last week Riley and I took a drive around the Olympic Peninsula, visiting all our favorite spots: Pacific Beach, Lake Quinault, Hoh Rain Forest, Salt Creek county park on the Strait, and Hurricane Ridge. When Sarah and Rebecca used to come visit us in Seattle, we would come to Salt Creek to camp and search the tide pools--always fun. The views of the Olympics from Hurricane Ridge are so spectacular they take one's breath away. The lupine were blooming and covered the meadows and the deer were grazing at the Visitor Center as usual.

Lake Quinault

Hoh Rain Forest

Olympics from Hurricane Ridge


As we came back into Seattle, we stopped by and visited Jenefer and Gabe and Aubrey Jack and Julian. Aubrey and Julian have grown so much and are both cute boys. Aubrey is partial to Riley, but was willing to play ball with me when he saw me playing with Julian! It was a fun visit. We are now back at Gaynell's where we will stay until Friday, then move across town to attend Jo and Scott's wedding this Saturday, staying at Roxanne's for our doctor/dentist visits next week.

Gabe and Jenefer

Gabe, Julian and Aubrey Jack

Love to all,
Margie & Riley

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