September 04, Seattle & Points South

Seattle, as usual, was a lot of fun. We enjoyed visiting family and got our annual visits to doctors and dentist out of the way. One of the highlights of the visit was, of course, Jo and Scott's wedding. It was held on the University of Washington campus in the Grieg Garden, a very pretty shaded area. The bride was beautiful and the groom was handsome--what more could one want? Riley's brothers were also in town for the wedding so that weekend felt like a family reunion--lots of fun. We visited the downtown Sculpture Garden and took the ferry over to Bainbridge Island for dinner at a local seafood restaurant. Roxie had hurt her foot earlier that week and I was having problems with an arthritic knee, so no "muy macho" hikes for us, though I will say, Roxie was willing to do more walking than I was.

Bride and groom

Scott and Jo sign papers as Genevieve and Steve look on

Seattle Sculpture Garden

Eric, Rachel, Ginny & Roxanne on the ferry

We also got to spend a lot of time with Gaynell and Thad, and while there, Alex and Olivia came by to see us a couple of times. We always enjoy seeing them; both are so sweet and so much help to Gaynell and Thad. Gaynell gave us squash from her vegetable garden--yummy! Too bad Riley doesn't care for squash--I got to eat it all. Yea! Her backyard is beautiful as always. I love sitting back there to watch all the birds that come to their water feature.

Alex & Olivia in Gaynell's backyard

One evening when we had gone out to a nearby dinner with Keith and Mandy, Riley decided to walk back to Keith's. On his way back, he stopped to shoot some baskets with some guys at an elementary school. As he recovered a rebound and went to shoot, his left Achilles' tendon ruptured and down he went. He called Keith to come get him, and we took him to the ER where they put a boot on it and told him to get to an orthopedist. The orthopedist repaired the tendon and put his foot in a cast. This week the cast came off and he is back in a boot, but wont be able to put weight on it for another month. The amazing thing is he has had absolutely no pain! Evidently there are no nerves in the tendon. Riley had a motorcycle trip planned with Dick Scott, Eric and Keith about two weeks after this happened. He didn't give it up entirely, though he couldn't ride. He took the RV and followed along and the guys did a lot of eating in the RV--not so much eating out as usual. They had a good time touring in Oregon. When they got back, Keith started a new contract job with Microsoft.

Keith & Mandy

Lowell, Riley & Roxanne

Oregon Coast

Koosah Falls, Oregon

During the time Riley was off with the guys, I flew to Albuquerque for a week to visit Shannon and Dresden and Jonny. I had a lot of fun. My visit overlapped by one day with Sarah and Alan's visit, and I was very happy to have an unexpected visit with them. Jonny seems very happy with his grandparents and has attached himself in particular to Dresden. Jonny's grown quite a bit, and is beginning to say a few words. He's certainly a lot more coordinated. He stayed home from day care while I was there, and I certainly enjoyed my time with him. Jonny's been getting a lot of colds from other kids and has had three ear infections since he's been there. Shannon has an appointment to take him to an ENT specialist in November. Jenny came by to visit a couple of times and it was good to see her too. She had given up her bedroom for me--thank you, Jenny!

Margie, Jonny & Aunt Sarah

Jonny picking peppers.

Hot air balloon landing near Shannon's home

Casa Rondena Winery

Just before we left Seattle, I had a sleep study done at the request of my endocrinologist, Dr. Niles. The result was as she expected, I have obstructive sleep apnea. I am now equipped with a CPAP machine, I don't snore anymore, and I breathe steadily all night. I feel more rested and don't fall asleep so often while we are traveling. Supposedly, it will also help my blood sugar and blood pressure numbers. We shall see...

On leaving Seattle, we made our usual stops to bird watch at Ridgefield NWR and to visit Luke, Amy and Naomi in Portland. Visiting Luke and Amy is always a pleasure, and Naomi is a very charming little girl. We then traveled on down the Oregon and California coasts to Watsonville, California, where we are now encamped at Pinto Lake Park in order to visit Eric and family. We will be going to a BBQ and birthday party for Lindsey and Tyler at Wendy's home tomorrow. Randy and Ginny are in Menlo Park visiting Aaron, Burcu and Atlas, and they will all be coming down for the party, so we are looking forward to seeing everyone there. There's an air show this weekend at the Watsonville airport and we've been enjoying hearing and seeing the planes. Riley is watching a UCLA football game as I write this.


Amy, Naomi & Luke

From here we'll head over to Penn Valley to visit Dick and Earin and then on to Albuquerque again for some more time with Jonny.

Love to all,
Margie & Riley

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