October 8, Watsonville to Abuquerque to Tucson

For those of you who have not heard, my beloved mother died on September 18. The last couple of years had been a struggle for her; she just never really recovered from her stroke of six years ago. At any rate, I miss her now and always will, but know that she is at peace and that I will see her again.

The birthday party for Lindsey and Tyler on September 5 was a lot of fun. It was good to have so much of Riley's family there. Randy & Ginny were in nearby Menlo Park visiting Aaron, Burcu and Atlas, and they were all in attendance. Eric's friend Kit was there, so we got to meet her. Wendy had the party in her backyard, and visiting her is always a pleasure. Aaron had brought along a yard game that he had put together and everyone who played enjoyed it--sort of a ring toss. Jonathan thought they should market it, and maybe they will! Both Atlas and Ryin are growing like weeds--love to see the little ones. Our camera batteries pooped out, so we did not take as many pictures as we wished.

Birthday Cake (fudge!) -- 9-05-2010

Tyler and Ryin

Jonathan & Lindsey

Aaron, Eric and Kit

When we left Watsonville the next day, we went east to Penn Valley to visit our friends Dick and Earin Scott, who are doing very well. Usually, we spend some time hiking with them, but Riley's tendon kept that from happening. I did go with Earin to take the dog for a short walk. We always have a pleasant time there. We then went on to Reno, Nevada, to visit Scott and Jo in their new apartment. We turned out to be their first family visitors! It's a pretty place and we enjoyed seeing them. Jo said she was enjoying being at a new school, and they were both acclimating to the warmer, dryer climate.

Scott & Jo -- 9-8-2010

Scott & Jo and Margie & Riley

We drove the "Loneliest Highway" east to cross the desert and get into Utah. Once there we went to a few of our favorite places: Bryce Canyon, Goblin Valley, and Arches NP. All are beautiful and fun to visit. Though this visit seemed different in that we couldn't hike anywhere. I didn't realize how much difference that would make in how we decided to spend time when stopped. Unfortunately, a lot of times it just meant sticking around the RV. We have definitely not been getting the usual amount of exercise.

Bryce Canyon -- 9-13-2010

Riley with crutches and boot at Fairyland Canyon

Goblin Valley -- 9-14-2010

Arches NP -- 9-15-2010

We were between Goblin and Arches when Nancy called to let us know that Mother wasn't doing well. So we cut our visit to Arches short--just a drive-thru--and headed south to Albuquerque. When we got to Albuquerque we joined Shannon in her Prius and headed for Houston on Saturday, Sept. 18. I called Nancy when we got to Roswell and learned that Mother was taking her last breath--what eerie timing! We had the funeral on the next Tuesday and were pleased to see everyone who came. We had decided to bury her in Sinton with her parents, but because of recent rains, it was not possible to do the burial at that time. It is now scheduled for Oct. 14. Riley and I will not be able to go back. We left town after the service and split the trip back into two days. The second day we went through the town of Electra where Mother was born. I don't think I had ever know where Electra was! Her father worked on the oil rigs and oil is why they were there.

Electra, Texas -- 9-22-2010

Shannon and Dresden went on a week's vacation to California, and we stayed in their home and took care of Jonny. This was no hardship at all. We love taking care of Jonny and their house is very comfortable, with a jacuzzi in the bathroom and a "sleep number" bed. We had a good time. Other than a bit of a runny nose, Jonny was good and fun to be with. He's on a great schedule and takes his nap and goes to bed easily. While we were there, Riley quit wearing his boot (he gave up the crutches in Houston) and started taking short walks to begin stretching his tendon. He's done very well. I've been so happy that he has been careful and it hasn't re-ruptured. The Saturday before we left, the Balloon Fiesta began, and there were more balloons than usual in the sky each morning. Jonny loves seeing the balloons and any passing airplanes.

Jonny on his "Sit & Spin" -- 9-27-2010

Balloons over ABQ -- 10-5-2010

Shannon and Drez got back on Sunday, and we left on Tuesday. We drove through El Malpais National Monument and spent the night at Roper Lake State Park in Arizona. This is one of our favorite parks--it is beautiful and well kept.

El Malpais National Monument -- 10-5-2010

Roper Lake and Pinaleno Mountains -- 10-6-2010

We are now in Tucson visiting Randy and Ginny who are remodeling their kitchen--it is pretty much gutted. We took pictures, and plan to take more when we come back through in December when it will be finished. Tomorrow we head for San Diego for a long visit--Yea!

Claud, the contractor, Randy & Ginny -- 10-08-2010

Gutted kitchen

Love to all,
Margie & Riley

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