Star of the Bluegrass 1969

The first large quilt I made was a king-size quilt for me--haven't made but 2 or 3 that I didn't give away. After completing the top, I spent at least a year quilting it. I was pregnant with Lara at the time, and our cat Blondie was also pregnant. Whenever I would sit on the couch to quilt, Blondie would come sit in my lap. After a while, Lara would kick and then the kittens would start kicking back. It was quite an amazing feeling. The only picture I can find of this quilt was taken years later when we had different cats. I actually still have this quilt, but it's so worn out and faded, I wouldn't be able to photograph it.

Felicia & Fluffy lounging on the quilt 1980 (maybe)


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