Benegene's Texas Quilt 1989

I made this quilt in January 1989 for my best friend, Benegene. The middle square is a depiction of Benegene and me going over a waterfall in a canoe. This actually happened and was one of the scary events in my life. We were both novice canoeists and exhausted when we reached the falls. It was definitely not a part of the Guadalupe River for beginners, as we had been told. Nevertheless, we survived, and it has made a great adventure story ever since.

In 2012, my friend, Benegene, died of cancer, and the quilt came back to me. I took more pictures to place here as a memorial to her.

Me & Benegene, Halloween 1974


Benegene's quilt on my bed.

Canoeing on the Guadalupe River.

Texas Square

Benegene & I attended Waltrip Sr. H.S., mascot Rams.

We were both members of Harris County Women's Political Caucus

Original photo 1989


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