Sleepy Bear

I make this quilt for all the new babies in the family, and sometimes for friends too. The first one was made for my grandson Sean, born July 13, 1986. I've now made one for my first great grandson, Cleric, born August 22, 2007.

Made January 2007 for Ashley's baby boy, Cleric, born August 22

Cleric on his quilt

Made July 2007, for Lindsey & Jonathan's daugther, Ryin Nicole, born Nov. 16

Made July 2007 for Luke & Amy's daugther, Naomi, born Oct. 23

Made June 2006 for Jenefer & Gabe's son, Aubrey Jack, born May 30

Made September 1996 for my friends Larry & Mary's daugther, Marissa Anne, born July 12

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