Sleepy Bear 2009-2012

I make this one often and had four to make in 2009 alone, so I decided to make a second page. The first of 2009 was made in January for my second great-grandson, Jonny William Dyke, born March 2, 2009. In 2010, I made two more.

Made November 2010 for Lindsey & Jonathan's son, Jacen Tyler, born December 30

Made December 2010 for Chrissy & Billy Wars daughter, Norah, expected in May 2011


Rebecca at her shower at her Aunt Jane's home

Bib embroidered by Granny (Nancy E. Pond), unknown date

Jonny, 3 months old

Made June 2009 for Jenefer & Gabe's son, Julian Christopher, born June 18

Made July 2009 for Shannon's friend Luz

Made July 2009 for Burcu & Aaron's son, Atlas, born August 24

Atlas on his quilt -- August 26

Made August 2009 for Lesly & Lee's son, Lucus, born November 29

Made September 2012 for Lesly & Lee's daughter, Lorena, born October 16

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