Sleepy Bear 2013-15

In 2013, I decided to do more quilting on the sewing machine, so these were first Sleepy Bear quilts to be made that way. I still did the bear appliqué by hand, but everything else was done on the machine. Burcu and Rebecca were both expecting little girls about two weeks apart, so I made twin quilts at the same time.

Made May 2013 for Burcu & Aaron's daughter, Ayla Karahan born July 26, and
for Rebecca & Tony's daughter, Emalene Rose, born July 19

Closeup of bear appliqué


Ayla Karahan

Emalene Rose


Made July 2013 for Lesly & Lee's daughter, Luciana Aurelia, born October 17


Made March 2014 for Genevieve & Steve's daughter, Ramona Louise, born June 1



Made February 2015 for Jenn & Becca's son, Jude Oliver Malcolm, born June 16


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