My Cousin Sharon's Quilts

The first quilt top pictured here was made in 1942 by my cousin Sharon's two grandmothers, Queen Anne Gillespie and Mamie Houston, and her mother Mariam Houston. It is the classic "Wedding Ring" pattern and they made it from cut-up flour sacks. At the time, they made several tops, but then the war ended before all were quilted. Sharon inherited this top from her grandmother Mamie. She did a lot of work to get it ready for quilting, mainly removing stains and washing. She then backed and quilted it. It was the first quilt she had ever quilted, and she has made many more since. Sharon has entered this quilt at two quilt shows, and it won awards in both shows. The second is a picture of Sharon and her granddaughter, Merry, with the "Disappearing Nine-Patch Quilt," that Sharon made for Merry's ninth birthday.

Sharon and Wedding Ring Quilt, picture taken at 2015 quilt show in San Saba

Sharon & Merry, Disappearing Nine-Patch


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