Sleepy Bear 2016

Not sure how many more of these I have left in me. Other than the bear itself, everything for Genevieve's was done on the machine to aid my aching fingers. Alyssa has told me she will take over making these for me when I can't, so that is a good thing. The second quilt for Rebecca was started by Alyssa, then I finished -- all by hand again. The third quilt was made by Alyssa with some help from me--I did embroidery.

Made in February for Genevieve & Steve's second daughter, Vera Lucille, born April 23


Made in April for Rebecca & Tony's second daughter, Alexa Jane, born July 6

Alexa Jane


Alyssa making quilt in July.

Made in July for Steven & Megan's son, Logan Anthony, expected in September


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